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  • Blood in the Lung: Ron Athey, Cassils and Fanaa Conjure a …

    2019.01.15 · 发表评论

    This past December, I hopped on a bus in a fit of art tourism. My destination was Biosphere 2: built in 1987, the vast greenhouse complex was an experiment in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem, should earth eventually prove herself uninhabitable. Infamous in the scientific community, I found that its mention solicited a kind of cultish awe. When the structure got a little too hippy for its big-oil funders, Steve Bannon was apparently brought in to break up the party. – 去年12月,我跳上了一辆巴士,参加了艺术旅游。我的目的地是生物圈2:这座巨大的温室建筑建于1987年,是一个创造自我维持生态系统的实验,如果地球最终证明自己不适宜居住的话。在科学界声名狼藉,我发现它的提及引起了一种崇拜的敬畏。当该组织对其大型石油投资者来说过于嬉皮时,史蒂夫·班农显然是被带进来解散该党的。

  • Your Guide to the Best Shows at London Gallery-Share Condo …

    2019.01.10 · 发表评论

    This coming weekend marks the opening of the fourth iteration of Condo, an annual gallery-sharing initiative that brings together galleries from around the world – predominantly from across the USA and Germany, as well as others from Egypt, South Africa, Chile and China. Started here in London in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos, owner of Carlos/Ishikawa, it’s a month-long ‘collaborative exhibition’, which has since spawned Condos in New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, and smaller versions last year in Athens and Sao Paulo. Other gallery cooperation models had existed before, like Amsterdam gallerist Jeanine Hofland’s one-day mini fair, A Petite Fair, or the ‘Villa’ project initiated by Raster Gallery in Warsaw in 2006. However, Condo has proved a timely spark at a time of smaller- and mid-size gallery closures and blue-chip consolidation, inspiring other similar style projects such as Okey Dokey in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Friend of a Friend in Warsaw, and Gallery Share Los Angeles. As the idea expands, Condo London has accordingly grown each year, with this year’s edition featuring 52 galleries over 18 spaces across London. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so here’s a quick guide to some of the highlights: – 即将到来的这个周末标志着第四代公寓的开幕,这是一个年度画廊分享计划,汇集了来自世界各地的画廊——主要来自美国和德国,以及来自埃及、南非、智利和中国的其他画廊。由Carlos/Ishikawa的所有者Vanessa Carlos于2016年在伦敦开始,这是一个为期一个月的“合作展览”,自那以后,它在纽约、墨西哥城、上海以及去年在雅典和圣保罗催生了一些小型公寓。其他画廊合作模式以前也存在过,如阿姆斯特丹画廊珍妮霍夫兰的一天迷你展、小型展览会或2006年华沙光栅画廊发起的“别墅”项目。然而,事实证明,在中小型画廊关闭和蓝筹股整合的时代,公寓是一个及时的火花,激励了其他类似风格的项目,如杜塞尔多夫和科隆的奥基·多基,华沙一个朋友的朋友的朋友,以及洛杉矶的画廊共享。随着这个想法的扩展,伦敦公寓每年都有相应的增长,今年的版本在伦敦有52个画廊,超过18个空间。这里有很多要介绍的地方,下面是一些要点的快速指南:

  • Frieze Los Angeles Tickets On Sale Now – 现在正在出 …

    2018.12.26 · 发表评论

    Join us this February for the launch of Frieze Los AngelesTickets are limited and only available online. Buy now to avoid disappointment! – 今年二月加入我们推出“弗里斯洛杉矶机票”是有限的,而且只在网上提供。现在就买以避免失望!

  • Q&A: @gangculture – 问&A: @帮派文化

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    Frieze has collaborated with Los Angeles-based photographer Trevor Hernandez on a photo series to launch Frieze Los Angeles. Celebrated as @gangculture on Instagram, Hernandez’s commission for Frieze reframes Paramount Pictures Studios from the artist’s distinctive, surrealist perspective, exposing uncanny compositions on the working lot and within the urban Los Angeles landscape. Hernandez’s work for Frieze Los Angeles will be featured on frieze.com, across social media and on visual advertising world-wide. – Frieze与洛杉矶的摄影师Trevor Hernandez合作拍摄了一系列照片,推出了Frieze Los Angeles。Hernandez的Frieze委员会以“Instagram上的帮派文化”而闻名,它从艺术家独特的超现实主义视角重新塑造了派拉蒙电影制片厂,揭露了工作场所和洛杉矶城市景观中不可思议的构图。Hernandez为Frieze Los Angeles所做的工作将在frieze.com、社交媒体和全球视觉广告上展出。

  • Tangled Up in Robert Morris (1931–2018) – 罗伯特·莫 …

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    I saw my first Robert Morris sculpture eight years ago, around the time I moved to New York. I had recently finished with school and the city was already upending my life. I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be. Every object and surface, face and friendship trembled with possibility. Contact with anything or anyone threatened to utterly transform me. This was worrisome. How could I change if I didn’t quite know myself? The Morris sculpture – pinned to a wall in a stranger’s apartment in Chelsea – was grey, velvety, untitled, its date unknown to me; it hung alongside other huge, expensive sculptures and paintings, mostly by artists whose names I recognized from museums. This was not a home where I had ever expected to have dinner, but a friend of a friend was house sitting, so I was invited over for noodles. – 八年前,当我搬到纽约的时候,我看到了我的第一尊罗伯特·莫里斯雕塑。我最近完成了学业,这个城市已经改变了我的生活。我不知道我是谁,也不知道我想成为谁。每一个物体和表面、面孔和友谊都因可能性而颤抖。接触任何威胁要彻底改变我的人或事。这令人担忧。如果我对自己不太了解,我怎么能改变呢?莫里斯雕塑——钉在切尔西一个陌生公寓的墙上——是灰色的、天鹅绒般的、无标题的,它的年代对我来说是未知的;它和其他巨大的、昂贵的雕塑和绘画一起悬挂,大多数是由我从博物馆里认出的艺术家创作的。这不是我原本想吃晚饭的家,但是朋友的一个朋友在家里坐着,所以我被邀请过来吃面条。

  • Announcing Frieze Projects Los Angeles – 洛杉矶Friez …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    At the launch edition of Frieze Los Angeles (February 15-17, 2019), artist projects will be encountered around the New York Street backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios, in buildings, streets, and interior spaces that have been captured countless times on screen. Frieze Projects will create a disorienting atmosphere where visitors are in two places at once: an artificial New York City within Los Angeles. – 在《弗里德斯·洛杉矶》(2019年2月15-17日)的启动版上,派拉蒙电影制片厂纽约街的背景区、无数次在银幕上被捕捉的建筑、街道和室内空间中,将会遇到艺术家项目。Frieze Projects将创造一种迷惑人心的氛围,游客同时身处两个地方:洛杉矶的人造纽约市。

  • ‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whit …

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    In further news: Paris museums close after Gilets Jaunes protests; Candice Breitz demands release of aid worker – 进一步的消息:Gilets Jaunes抗议后巴黎博物馆关闭;Candice Breitz要求释放援助人员

  • Two Books Survey and Situate the Last Decade of Performanc …

    2018.11.19 · 发表评论

    Every body is working in performance. And there’s a lot of it around. Two major new volumes situate the last decade of contemporary art’s most rambunctious medium: RoseLee Goldberg’s Performance Now (Thames and Hudson, 2018) and Catherine Wood’s Performance in Contemporary Art (Tate Publishing, 2018). These are texts that expand from the authors’ respective archives at Performa, New York, and Tate Modern, London, where the performance programmes they have shepherded have become institutions unto themselves. – 每个人都在工作。周围有很多。最近十年,当代艺术最繁琐的媒介——罗斯·李·戈德堡(RoseLee Goldberg’s Performance.)(泰晤士河和哈德森,2018)和凯瑟琳·伍德(Catherine Wood’sPerformanceinContentionalArt)(泰特出版社,2018)出版了两本主要的新书。这些文本是从作者分别在纽约Performa和伦敦Tate Modern的档案中扩充而来的,在那里,他们领导的表演节目已经成为他们自己的机构。

  • The Best Shows to See in Dusseldorf – 杜塞尔多夫最好 …

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    kvd18_um_diavolaki_2018.jpg Ulrike Müller, Diavolaki, 2018, monotype, 74 x 57 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Callicoon Fine Arts, New York – KVD18UMU-DIAVOLAKII2012.JPG