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  • “It’s important to bring dirt into museum and gallery spac …

    2019.02.17 · “It’s important to bring dirt into museum and gallery spaces” – “把泥土带进博物馆和画廊是很重要的”已关闭评论

    Rafa Esparza grew up painting and drawing but was more familiar with the murals and crafts within his family and community than with contemporary galleries or museums. As he got older, he nurtured a relationship to performance by joining his East L.A. neighbors’ sweat lodges and ceremonies, questioning their creation myths and rigid gender roles while enacting their ancient traditions. The modern institution would become more alienating, so he went back outside. – 拉法埃斯帕扎在绘画和绘画方面长大,但他对家庭和社区中的壁画和工艺品比对当代画廊或博物馆更熟悉。随着年龄的增长,他加入了他的东洛杉矶邻居的汗流浃背和仪式,在继承他们古老的传统的同时质疑他们的创造神话和僵化的性别角色,从而培养了与表演的关系。现代制度会变得更加疏远,所以他回到外面去了。

  • Dr Joy – 乔伊博士

    2019.02.14 · Dr Joy – 乔伊博士已关闭评论

    A radiologist at Kaiser Permanente, V. Joy Simmons, MD has been living in Los Angeles for over 50 years and began collecting art while in medical school. A committed supporter of African-American artists (although she does have an Andy Warhol portrait of Queen Ntombi of Swaziland), she is a passionate advocate of arts patronage and civic engagement. For Frieze Week, Dr. Simmons gives a glimpse of her collection in her Ladera Heights home, and shared her years of insight. – Kaiser Permanente,V.Joy Simmons医学博士的放射科医生已经在洛杉矶生活了50多年,并在医学院开始收集艺术作品。她是非裔美国艺术家的忠实支持者(尽管她确实有斯威士兰的恩托姆比女王的安迪·沃霍尔肖像),但她是艺术赞助和公民参与的热情拥护者。对于Frieze Week,Simmons博士在Ladera Heights的家中展示了她的收藏,并分享了她多年的洞察力。

  • 方力钧个展——FACIAL RECOGNITION | 个展

    2019.02.04 · 方力钧个展——FACIAL RECOGNITION | 个展已关闭评论



    2019.01.28 · ‘GALLERIA CONTINUA AND THE ST. REGIS ROME FOR A NEW ERA’ – “延续凯莱利亚和罗马圣里吉斯新纪元”已关闭评论

    WATERBONES (Stochastic Choral Sinphony) 2018, stainless steel elements, site specific dimension. The St. Regis Rome, 2018. Photo Ela Bialkowska, OKNO Studio – Waterbones(Randomatic Choral sinphony)2018,不锈钢元件,现场特定尺寸。圣里吉斯罗马,2018年。照片Ela Bialkowska,Okno工作室

  • ‘The Eminent Direction of Thoughts’

    2019.01.08 · ‘The Eminent Direction of Thoughts’已关闭评论

    Ilya & Emilia Kabakov – The Eminent Direction of Thoughts 2017. Concept drawing.The Kabakovs’ work is infused with a poetic dimension which is both melancholic and fantastical, capable of communicating shared and universal meaning. At Galleria Continua’s spaces, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov present the installation entitled, “The Eminent Direction of Thoughts”: in a dark room is a seat, to which are attached coloured strings that stretch upwards; from the ceiling hangs a bare, transparent light bulb. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s works are to be found among the permanent collections of prestigious museums, including MoMA, New York; the Pompidou Centre, Paris. In 2017 the Tate Modern, London dedicated a broad-ranging retrospective to the artists’ work which was realised in collaboration with the Hermitage State Museum, where the exhibition was transferred in 2018. Installations, paintings, drawings, prints, architectural models of utopian projects and gigantic public sculptures which retraced the various period of the artists’ lives: from the first works of the Sixties created by Ilya Kabakov in his Moscow, to the move to New York at the end of the Eighties, an important turning point in his career because it signalled the beginning of his collaboration with Emilia and the production of large-scale installations.

  • WAZA小组访谈 | 胡戈:艺术不算问题

    2018.12.31 · WAZA小组访谈 | 胡戈:艺术不算问题已关闭评论

    访谈人: 胡:WAZA小组 胡戈 严:严舒黎   严:首先能谈一谈“美术馆电影”吗?你理解的"美术馆电影"是什么? 胡:美术馆电影是一个探索,尝试赋予影像艺术更多的可能性和维度空间,希望能突破...

  • An Artist’s Guide to the Best in Berlin, Basel and Beyond …

    2018.12.25 · An Artist’s Guide to the Best in Berlin, Basel and Beyond in 2018 – 2018年柏林、巴塞尔及以后最佳艺术家指南已关闭评论

    ‘Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts’ at Schaulager, Basel
    Bruce Nauman’s retrospective included more than 150 works from the mid-1960s until today. The exhibition, which travelled on to New York’s MoMA, gathers drawings, photographs, sculptures, videos and sound pieces as well as most of Nauman’s monumental installations. The concluding work, in which Nauman repeatedly attempts and fails to arrive at a contrapposto, continues his morbid trajectory towards the reality of his aging body. – 巴塞尔舒拉赫的《布鲁斯·诺曼:消失行为》

  • Looking Back 2018: Motherhood and Other Stories – 回 …

    2018.12.25 · Looking Back 2018: Motherhood and Other Stories – 回顾2018年:母亲和其他故事已关闭评论

    2018 was a remarkable and remarkably exhausting year for me, mostly because I had my second child a year and a half after having my first. Now I have a one-year-old and a two-year-old, work full time and live 600 miles from New York City; my ability to visit exhibitions and attend events there (and anywhere outside of Columbus, Ohio where I live) has been hamstrung. But motherhood has opened up other channels. A significant one is the world of new books, especially books about motherhood. This was a remarkable year for texts on the subject, so long ghettoized by artists and writers alike. Reading these books was like holding up a mirror to a face that didn’t know it had a reflection. – 2018年对我来说是一个非常显著和令人疲惫的一年,主要是因为我有了第一个孩子一年半之后有了第二个孩子。现在我有一岁和两岁,全职工作,住在离纽约市600英里的地方;我在那里参观展览和参加活动的能力(以及我所居住的俄亥俄州哥伦布市以外的任何地方)一直受到阻碍。但是做母亲打开了其他渠道。其中很重要的一点是新书的世界,尤其是有关母性的书。在这一年里,有关这个主题的文章非常精彩,艺术家和作家们长期聚居在一起。读这些书就像拿着一面镜子面对着一张不知道镜子有倒影的脸。

  • From Well-Behaved to Fucked-Up: the Year in Gay Flashbacks …

    2018.12.25 · From Well-Behaved to Fucked-Up: the Year in Gay Flashbacks – 从行为端正到搞砸:同性恋闪回之年已关闭评论

    Gay is a word that doesn’t have to mean anything, but sometimes does. It swells into significance on occasions when the difference it implies becomes either the target of dispute or the cause of particular celebration. I’m lucky enough to rarely experience dispute and, for that reason, also see little reason to celebrate. Gay’s the air I breathe: it’s perfectly whatever. – “同性恋”这个词并不一定意味着什么,但有时却意味着什么。当它所暗示的差异成为争论的目标或者成为特别庆祝的原因时,它就变得意义重大。我很幸运,很少遇到争执,因此,也没什么理由庆祝。同性恋是我呼吸的空气:完全随便。