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  • ‘The Eminent Direction of Thoughts’

    2019.01.08 · 发表评论

    Ilya & Emilia Kabakov – The Eminent Direction of Thoughts 2017. Concept drawing.The Kabakovs’ work is infused with a poetic dimension which is both melancholic and fantastical, capable of communicating shared and universal meaning. At Galleria Continua’s spaces, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov present the installation entitled, “The Eminent Direction of Thoughts”: in a dark room is a seat, to which are attached coloured strings that stretch upwards; from the ceiling hangs a bare, transparent light bulb. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s works are to be found among the permanent collections of prestigious museums, including MoMA, New York; the Pompidou Centre, Paris. In 2017 the Tate Modern, London dedicated a broad-ranging retrospective to the artists’ work which was realised in collaboration with the Hermitage State Museum, where the exhibition was transferred in 2018. Installations, paintings, drawings, prints, architectural models of utopian projects and gigantic public sculptures which retraced the various period of the artists’ lives: from the first works of the Sixties created by Ilya Kabakov in his Moscow, to the move to New York at the end of the Eighties, an important turning point in his career because it signalled the beginning of his collaboration with Emilia and the production of large-scale installations.

  • Two Books Survey and Situate the Last Decade of Performanc …

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    Every body is working in performance. And there’s a lot of it around. Two major new volumes situate the last decade of contemporary art’s most rambunctious medium: RoseLee Goldberg’s Performance Now (Thames and Hudson, 2018) and Catherine Wood’s Performance in Contemporary Art (Tate Publishing, 2018). These are texts that expand from the authors’ respective archives at Performa, New York, and Tate Modern, London, where the performance programmes they have shepherded have become institutions unto themselves. – 每个人都在工作。周围有很多。最近十年,当代艺术最繁琐的媒介——罗斯·李·戈德堡(RoseLee Goldberg’s Performance.)(泰晤士河和哈德森,2018)和凯瑟琳·伍德(Catherine Wood’sPerformanceinContentionalArt)(泰特出版社,2018)出版了两本主要的新书。这些文本是从作者分别在纽约Performa和伦敦Tate Modern的档案中扩充而来的,在那里,他们领导的表演节目已经成为他们自己的机构。


    2018.10.28 · 发表评论

    Nedko Solakov – Paintings from Long Ago exhibition view Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 2018. Photo Oak Taylor-Smith

  • Friends, Possibly Lovers: Two Shows Journey Through Artist …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    The definition of a couple is elastic in the Barbican’s ‘Modern Couples’ exhibition. Tracking the role of collaboration and creative influence, the show brings together more than 40 artistic partnerships active during the first half of the 20th century. Some ‘couples’ include more than two people; some are not romantic in nature; and some fluctuate in nature. With around 600 items including books, letters and snapshots on show, the exhibition offers an alternative history of the Modern period, told through the relationships between artists rather than as a series of heroic tales. This often involves recasting the muse as a collaborator, but it is also about making visible the cross-fertilization of ideas between pairs working within larger groups. The show surveys a range of media, from the photographic experiments of Lucia Moholy and László Moholy-Nagy, to Virginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf’s experiments in publishing with the Hogarth Press, or the interiors made by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, who are described in a delightfully ambiguous turn of phrase as ‘friends or possibly lovers’. – 在巴比肯的“现代夫妇”展览中,情侣的定义是有弹性的。跟踪合作和创造性影响的作用,展览汇集了活跃在20世纪上半叶的40多个艺术伙伴关系。有些“夫妻”包括两个人以上,有些人在本质上不浪漫,有些人在自然界波动。展览上展出了大约600件展品,包括书籍、信件和快照,展品提供了现代时期的另类历史,通过艺术家之间的关系来讲述,而不是一系列英雄故事。这通常涉及将缪斯女神重塑为合作者,但它也涉及使在大型团队中工作的两个人之间的思想相互渗透变得可见。该节目调查了一系列媒体,从露西娅·莫霍利和拉兹洛·莫霍利-纳吉的摄影实验,到弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫和伦纳德·伍尔夫在霍格斯出版社出版方面的实验,或者是艾琳·格雷和让·巴多维奇的内部实验,这些实验都以令人愉悦的、模棱两可的方式被描述。短语的意思是“朋友或爱人”。

  • Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina Banned From Leaving Russia By …

    2018.08.09 · 发表评论

    The artist and activist, who spent two years in jail for performing a ‘punk prayer’, was stopped from travelling to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe – 这位艺术家和活动家因在爱丁堡演出时被囚禁,在监狱里呆了两年。

  • Bones, Thugs, Harmony – 骨头、暴徒、和声

    2018.08.05 · 发表评论

    X-ray records in the Soviet UnionArtistic offerings in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union were highly regulated, to put it lightly. Literature was redacted, radio frequencies were blocked and Stalin himself was appointed chief film censor. As German Marxist theorist and activist Clara Zetkin recalled, Lenin had pioneered this approach some years before: ‘Every artist’, he said, ‘has the right to create freely […] But then, we are Communists, and ought not to stand idly by and give chaos free rein.’ – 苏联Joseph Stalin在苏联苏联提供的艺术作品中的X射线记录受到了高度的管制。文学被修改,无线电频率被封锁,斯大林本人被任命为电影审查员。正如德国马克思主义理论家和活动家克拉拉·蔡特金回忆的那样,列宁几年前就开创了这种方法:“每一个艺术家,”他说,“有权利自由地创造……但是,我们是共产主义者,不应该袖手旁观,放任混乱。”

  • Why Pussy Riot’s Anti-Kremlin Protest at the World Cup Fin …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    The punk artists’s invasion of the pitch during the Croatia vs. France match reminded us what Russia’s new ‘normality’ really means – 朋克艺术家在克罗地亚和法国的比赛中对球场的进攻提醒我们俄罗斯的新“常态”意味着什么。

  • 莫斯科画廊解决非法参观的巧妙办法:禁止所有游客谈论艺术

    2018.08.03 · 发表评论

    Cate Blanchett prepares her best Marina Abramović impression; fake rabbi in Renoir heist; and Ai Weiwei declares, ‘I am a cow’: all the latest in art world silliness – 凯特·布兰切特在雷诺阿抢劫案中准备了最好的玛丽娜•阿巴莫维奇印象;假拉比;艾未未宣称:“我是一头母牛”:艺术世界中最新的愚蠢行为