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  • L.A. Walk of Art: Special Events – 洛杉矶艺术之旅: …

    2019.02.16 · 发表评论

    This Saturday’s HighlightsWho says L.A. isn’t a walking city?Presented with ForYourArt to mark the launch of Frieze Los Angeles, the free L.A. Walk of Art on Saturday, February 16, involves twelve self-guided routes across the city, exploring neighborhoods of galleries and museums as well as places to eat and shop. Join the L.A. Walk of Art, by car, by foot and by metro, to take part in special events on the different routes. Download the Walk of Art Route Map or see the routes here. – 这个星期六的亮点谁说洛杉矶不是一个步行的城市?2月16日,星期六,免费洛杉矶艺术之行在洛杉矶举行,活动包括12条自助路线穿过城市,探索画廊和博物馆的街区,以及吃饭和购物的地方。参加洛杉矶艺术步行、汽车、步行和地铁,参加不同路线的特殊活动。下载步行艺术路线图或在此处查看路线。

  • Outdoor Art Commission Celebrates the Streets of Los Angel …

    2019.02.15 · 发表评论

    In celebration of Frieze Los Angeles, Frieze’s global partner LIFEWTR has commissioned L.A. artist Tofer Chin to create a public artwork. Facing West 6th Street at The Standard DTLA, Chin’s work is a mural, entitled Progression (2019). Hand painted in the artist’s signature graphic style, Progression is inspired, Chin says, by the play of light on the metallic strips in the architecture surrounding the site during L.A.’s famous ‘golden hour’. – 为了庆祝Frieze洛杉矶,Frieze的全球合作伙伴Lifewtr委托洛杉矶艺术家Tofer Chin创作了一幅公共艺术品。Chin的作品是一幅题为《进展》(2019)的壁画,正对标准DTLA的西六街。Chin说,在洛杉矶著名的“黄金时光”期间,建筑周围的金属条上的光的作用,激发了艺术家的标志性图形风格的进步。

  • 纽约弗里兹雕塑:洛克菲勒中心的新公共艺术计划

    2019.02.06 · 发表评论

    2019年2月5日至2019年4月至6月,纽约弗里兹雕塑将由布雷特·利特曼(Brett Littman)策展,并与世界顶尖画廊合作,开展为期两个月的大型艺术活动,为纽约人和曼哈顿市中心的国际游客提供一系列令人兴奋的艺术作品。

  • ‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whit …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    In further news: Paris museums close after Gilets Jaunes protests; Candice Breitz demands release of aid worker – 进一步的消息:Gilets Jaunes抗议后巴黎博物馆关闭;Candice Breitz要求释放援助人员

  • The Best Art Exhibitions in Seoul – 汉城最佳艺术展

    2018.11.13 · 发表评论

    Choi Jeong Hwa, ‘Blooming Matrix’ MMCA SEOUL 5 September 2018 – 10 February 2019Choi Jeong Hwa is the fourth artist to be selected for the annual MMCA Hyundai Motor Series to show ambitious new works in the Korean capital. Filling MMCA’s cavernous galleries can be a tall order for most artists, but Choi is no stranger to filling vast spaces, usually employing great quantities of cheap, disposable items found on the streets and at local flea markets. – Choi Jeong Hwa,“开花矩阵”

  • 在芝加哥试图卖掉他的壁画后,Kerry James Marshall结束了他的 …

    2018.11.09 · 发表评论

    In further news: Italian government cracks down on art crime; and screening live arts performances fails to diversify audiences  – 另辟蹊径:意大利政府严厉打击艺术犯罪,现场放映艺术表演未能使观众多样化 

  • Activists’s Subversion of ‘I’m Too Sexy To Have AIDS’ Slog …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    On Sunday 6 October members of ACT UP London, activists fighting the HIV pandemic, spray-painted over a series of posters by the late artist and HIV-AIDS activist David McDiarmid. Art space Studio Voltaire had been celebrating his work by posting his colourful ‘Rainbow Aphorisms’ (1993–95) slogans across South London. But the activists took exception to one which read: ‘I’M TOO SEXY TO HAVE AIDS’. They painted over the message, so it read instead: ‘I’M TOO SEXY AND I HAVE HIV’. – 10月6日星期日,伦敦艾滋病防治行动的成员们,为已故艺术家和艾滋病防治活动家David McDiarmid的一系列海报喷漆。伏尔泰艺术空间工作室在伦敦南部张贴了五彩缤纷的“彩虹格言”(1993-95)来庆祝他的作品。但是活动家们对一个例外说:“我太性感了,没有爱滋病。”他们在邮件中画了一个字母,所以它读到:“我太性感了,我得了HIV”。

  • Welcome to the Centre of the World: Around the Azores’ Wal …

    2018.08.13 · 发表评论

    A three-hour flight west of Lisbon, a setting of emerald landscapes and panoramic ocean views backdrops this annual Summer project  – 一个三小时的飞行在Lisbon以西,一个翡翠景观和全景海景背景背景下这个年度夏季项目。

  • 200 MoMA Union Members Hold Protest Ahead of Contract Nego …

    2018.08.08 · 发表评论

    In further news: former Venice Biennale director calls biennial model ‘stale, if not dead’; photographer Shahidul Alam charged over ‘provocative comments’ – 另一则新闻:前威尼斯双年展导演称双年展“过时,如果没有死”;摄影师Shahidul Alam指责“挑衅性评论”。