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  • One Take: Luke Willis Thompson ‘_Human’ – 一个拍摄: …

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    The final line of Frantz Fanon’s impassioned anti-colonial book, Peau noire, masques blancs (Black Skin, White Masks, 1952), is rendered, in English, as follows: ‘O my body, make of me always a man who questions!’ 1 Published in the same year that the term Third World was coined by anthropologist Alfred Sauvy, Fanon’s closing prayer forged a new link between anatomy and the destiny of those that Europe colonized, whose bodies were trafficked into bondage. Routing a sense of corporeal novelty through his own vexed identification with manhood, Fanon’s prayer undermines any attempt to privilege normative masculinity. In asking his body to make of him ‘a man who questions’, Fanon sets himself in opposition to the colonial father who expects a body to mutely follow. As we continue to reckon with the malignant colour-coded hierarchies that we have inherited from slavery and colonialism, so Fanon’s declaration echoes. His term for this legacy’s lingering presence upon the body, ‘a racial epidermal schema’ 2, remains a crucial theoretical phrase for working through our own era, one in which, as cultural theorist Paul Gilroy notes: ‘screens rather than lenses now mediate the pursuit of bodily truths.’ 3 – 弗朗茨·法农充满激情的反殖民主义著作《黑色的珠儿,白色的面具》(黑皮肤,白色的面具,1952)的最后一行用英语写道:“我的身体,让我永远成为一个有问题的人!”同年,人类学家阿尔弗雷德·索维(Alfred Sauvy)创造了“第三世界”这个术语,法农的闭幕式祈祷在解剖学与欧洲殖民者的命运之间建立了新的联系,欧洲殖民者的尸体被贩卖成奴隶。范农的祈祷通过自己对男性身份的烦恼认同,消除了肉体上的新奇感,削弱了任何赋予男性规范特权的企图。在要求他的身体使他成为一个“有问题的人”时,法农把自己置于殖民地父亲的对立中,他希望一个身体默默地跟随他。当我们继续考虑我们从奴隶制和殖民主义中继承下来的恶性的颜色编码等级制度时,范农的宣言引起了共鸣。他对这种遗留物在身体上挥之不去的存在“种族表皮图式”2,仍然是贯穿我们这个时代的关键理论用语,正如文化理论家保罗·吉尔罗伊指出的那样,在这个理论用语中,“屏幕,而不是镜头,现在调解了对身体真理的追求。”

  • Directors' Choice: Pick One Significant Work by a Wom …

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    Art Institute of Chicago 
    Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon
    Courtauld Institute of Art, London
    Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
    Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
    Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington
    Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
    Kunstmuseum Bern
    Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York
    Louvre Museum, Paris 
    Magasin III, Stockholm
    Museum Ludwig, Cologne
    National Gallery, London
    National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare
    National Portrait Gallery, London
    Norval Foundation, Cape Town
    Parrish Art Museum, Long Island
    Tate Britain, London
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton – 芝加哥艺术学院

  • Highlights of the New Season Shows in New York – 纽 …

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    Karin Schneider, Sabotage, 2017, installation view CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco. Courtesy: the artist – Karin Schneider,破坏,2017,安装视图CCA WATIS研究所,旧金山。礼貌:艺术家

  • Activists’s Subversion of ‘I’m Too Sexy To Have AIDS’ Slog …

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    On Sunday 6 October members of ACT UP London, activists fighting the HIV pandemic, spray-painted over a series of posters by the late artist and HIV-AIDS activist David McDiarmid. Art space Studio Voltaire had been celebrating his work by posting his colourful ‘Rainbow Aphorisms’ (1993–95) slogans across South London. But the activists took exception to one which read: ‘I’M TOO SEXY TO HAVE AIDS’. They painted over the message, so it read instead: ‘I’M TOO SEXY AND I HAVE HIV’. – 10月6日星期日,伦敦艾滋病防治行动的成员们,为已故艺术家和艾滋病防治活动家David McDiarmid的一系列海报喷漆。伏尔泰艺术空间工作室在伦敦南部张贴了五彩缤纷的“彩虹格言”(1993-95)来庆祝他的作品。但是活动家们对一个例外说:“我太性感了,没有爱滋病。”他们在邮件中画了一个字母,所以它读到:“我太性感了,我得了HIV”。

  • The Privilege and Fragility in Melania Trump’s Colonial Co …

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    E. M. Forster’s 1924 novel A Passage to India hinges on a dramatic scene that takes place deep in the fictitious Marabar Caves. The young Englishwoman, Adela Quested, escorted to the caves on an excursion led by the Muslim physician, Dr. Aziz, experiences an attack, panics, and flees. When the distraught Quested is found among the hills, she’s described as ‘practically done for – her helmet off.’ While Forster leaves the truth of what happened in the caves intentionally vague, the rest of the novel reckons with the accusation leveled at Dr. Aziz that he attempted to assault her. A trial ensues, laying bare the fragile ties holding the English and the natives together. – E.M.福斯特的1924部小说《印度之行》是一个戏剧性的场景,发生在虚拟的马拉巴尔洞穴深处。年轻的英国妇女阿德拉·奎斯特德在穆斯林医生阿齐兹医生的带领下前往洞穴探险,她经历了一次袭击、恐慌和逃亡。当在山间发现奎斯特德心烦意乱时,她被形容为“几乎完成了——摘掉了头盔”。虽然福斯特故意模糊了洞穴里发生的事情的真相,但小说的其余部分还是根据对阿齐兹博士的指控来推测,他企图袭击阿齐兹。给她打电话。随后,英国人和土著人之间的脆弱关系暴露在一起。

  • HBO’s ‘Succession’ Holds up a Dark Mirror to our Political …

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    Landing only months before the US midterm elections, it’s impossible not to understand the show foremost in the context of the Trumps and Kushners of the world – 在美国中期选举前的几个月内,不可能在世界名流和库什纳斯的背景下了解最重要的节目。

  • The Strange Roots of the Homophobic Trump-Putin Kissing Me …

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    There are perils in deploying bigotry to score political points, but meanings also shift from West to East – 部署偏执政治得分有危险,但意义也从欧美地区转移到东部。

  • Winner Announced: Frieze Artist Award 2018 – 获胜者 …

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    Alex Baczynski-Jenkins will create performance work for Frieze London and receive a residency at Delfina Foundation – Alex Baczynski Jenkins将为弗里泽伦敦创造业绩,并在德尔菲纳基金会获得居住权。

  • Than Hussein Clarks's Politics of Melodrama – …

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    The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise – 艺术家怪异于艺术和戏剧的典范历史,指出事物是如何积极地和不可思议地参与其他事物的。