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  • Great Estates: How Contemporary Ceramics Are Keeping Chats …

    2018.08.14 · 发表评论

    Alongside a centuries-old collection of Old Masters, Delftware and Chinoiserie, the Devonshires continue to commission contemporary art  – 除了几个世纪以来的老主人,德尔夫特和Chinoiserie,Devonshires继续执导当代艺术。

  • HBO’s ‘Succession’ Holds up a Dark Mirror to our Political …

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    Landing only months before the US midterm elections, it’s impossible not to understand the show foremost in the context of the Trumps and Kushners of the world – 在美国中期选举前的几个月内,不可能在世界名流和库什纳斯的背景下了解最重要的节目。

  • Judy Chicago Hits Back at ‘Dinner Party’ Criticism – …

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    In further news: UK class gap impacting young people’s engagement with the arts; Uffizi goes digital; British Museum helps return Iraqi antiquities – 另一则新闻:英国阶级差距影响年轻人与艺术的接触;Uffizi走向数字化;大英博物馆帮助返回伊拉克古物

  • The Jailing of Bangladeshi Photographer Shahidul Alam Is a …

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    The arrest of the photojournalist for ‘provocative comments’ over Dhaka protests makes clear that personal liberty across the region is a sham – 在达卡抗议活动中对摄影记者的“挑衅性评论”的逮捕表明,该地区的个人自由是虚假的。

  • 变量构局 (群展)

    2018.08.09 · 发表评论

    上海chi K11美术馆将在2018年8月11日至9月14日呈现全新当代艺术展《变量构局》。该展览由中外四位杰出年轻艺术家的个人独立项目共同呈现:《缝合》(布兰登·弗勒)、《居住的方法》(沈莘)、《予有着扁平趾甲的无毛两足动物的恰当回应》(陆浩明)、《漏洞.temp》(吴珏辉)。参展作品反思人工与自然的相互介入、室内与室外的边界及影像的虚构,探讨媒介的变量之局。

  • The Mystery of the Eichstatt Tapestry – 艾希斯塔特挂 …

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    The first public exhibition of a 15th-century altar-hanging prompts the question: who made it?In Sam Fogg gallery’s latest exhibition of medieval and renaissance textiles in London, a German tapestry went on public display for the first time in its recorded history. Dated at around 1480 and woven from wool and linen in varying colours and configurations, it unrolls to reveal five scenes from the Life of Christ, vertically separated by column-like bands. Read from left to right, the scenes chronicle Christ (identified by his cruciform halo) appearing to his followers after his resurrection. Dressed in radiant white, he lifts his hand in benediction to a kneeling Mary Magdalene; disguised in a grey cloak, he greets two disciples on the road to Emmaus; reduced to no more than his feet, he disappears from the frame and ascends to heaven; rematerializing in the form of a dove on the day of Pentecost, he imbues the Virgin and apostles with the Holy Spirit; and, finally, enthroned on a rainbow during the Last Judgment, he displays his wounds before a sea of bodies. – 第一次公开展示十五世纪祭坛悬挂的问题是:谁做的?在Sam Fogg画廊最近在伦敦展出的中世纪和文艺复兴时期的纺织品展览中,德国挂毯首次在其历史记录中公开展出。日期约为1480,并由羊毛和亚麻织成不同颜色和配置,它展开揭示五个场景从基督的生活,垂直分离的柱状带。从左向右读,基督复活后的纪事纪事(由十字架光环所辨认)出现在他的追随者身上。他身穿白皙的衣服,跪在跪着的Mary Magdalene身上,装扮成灰色斗篷,在埃玛斯的路上迎接两个门徒;他只不过是从脚下消失了,然后爬上了天堂,在一天的时间里以鸽子的形式重新化身。五旬节,他将圣母和使徒灌输给圣灵;最后,在最后一次审判中,在彩虹上登基,在一片尸体面前展示他的伤口。

  • Performing Ian White: A Choice in the Matter or The Room W …

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    Watching Sharon Hayes and Evan Ifekoya pay homage to the late artist at Camden Arts Centre and remembering his ‘structured anarchy’ – 看着Sharon Hayes和Evan Ifekoya向卡姆登艺术中心的已故艺术家致敬,并回忆起他的“结构化无政府状态”。

  • Carnivorous Politics, Defiant Bodies: Harare Painting in T …

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    In the face of ‘hyena politics’, five artists from the Zimbabwean capital who explore the human form as a symbol of resistance  – 面对“鬣狗政治”,来自津巴布韦首都的五位艺术家探索人类形态作为反抗的象征。

  • Like a Thousand Knives Being Sharpened: a Tribute to Glenn …

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    To experience the music of the composer, who passed away last week at the age of 69, was to hear something tense, physical, almost pugilistic – 为了体验这位作曲家上周逝世69岁时的音乐,他听到的是一些紧张的、身体的、几乎是拳击的东西。