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  • Frame: Emerging Galleries from Across the World – 框 …

    2019.02.20 · Frame: Emerging Galleries from Across the World – 框架:来自世界各地的新兴画廊已关闭评论

    Explore highlights from Frieze New York’s section for solo projects by galleries aged 10 years or younger – 探索Frieze New York的专区中10岁或10岁以下画廊的个人项目的亮点

  • "A Sold-Out Success" – "a售完成功"

    2019.02.20 · "A Sold-Out Success" – "a售完成功"已关闭评论

    We could not have hoped for a better inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles in terms of attendance, atmosphere and sales – Victoria Siddall, Director of Frieze Fairs – 从出席人数、气氛和销售情况来看,我们不可能希望洛杉矶Frieze的开幕式能有一个更好的版本——Frieze Fairs总监Victoria Siddall

  • Artist Tala Madani Enters the Theatre of Our Minds – …

    2019.02.19 · Artist Tala Madani Enters the Theatre of Our Minds – 艺术家塔拉·马达尼走进我们心灵的剧场已关闭评论

    Tala Madani’s men seem to bring out the worst in each other. When they get together in her paintings and films, they reveal a juvenile sensibility of perversion, or hazing – shaming, alienating, or deceiving each other into entering or creating humiliating or destructive scenarios for themselves. Though generally nondescript, their varying stages of male pattern baldness, paunch, and the occasional moustache disclose their middle age, even in the expressive brushstrokes of her animations. They are feral hybrid creatures crawling and meowing in the alley in Cats and Cat Men (all works 2018); they form a menacing little mob in The Crowd – screened as part of the artist’s compilation ‘The Audience’ at Frieze Los Angeles. – 塔拉·马达尼手下的人似乎把彼此最坏的一面展现出来。当他们在她的绘画和电影中聚在一起时,他们会表现出一种幼稚的变态感,或是欺负-羞辱,疏远,或是欺骗对方进入或为自己创造羞辱或破坏性的场景。虽然一般说来难以形容,但他们不同阶段的男性模式秃顶,大腹便便,偶尔的胡须透露出他们的中年,甚至在她的动画中富有表现力的笔触。它们是一种野生的混合动物,在猫和猫人的小巷里爬行和喵喵叫(所有作品2018年出版);它们在人群中形成了一个威胁性的小暴徒——作为艺术家在洛杉矶弗里泽的“观众”汇编的一部分进行了放映。

  • Tom Sachs and Werner Herzog Discuss Their Film ‘Paradox Bu …

    2019.02.18 · Tom Sachs and Werner Herzog Discuss Their Film ‘Paradox Bullets’ – 汤姆·萨克斯和沃纳·赫尔佐格讨论了他们的电影《悖论子弹》。已关闭评论

    ‘Do the easy thing first,’ Tom Sachs’s film Paradox Bullets (2018) begins, while a time-lapse video follows workers moving around an artist’s studio with the efficiency of a pit crew. ‘Do the easy thing first. As a warm-up to ease into the hard thing.’ After a moment of reflection on the approach, the scene starts up again. ‘The opposite is equally valid,’ continues the unmistakable voice of Werner Herzog. ‘Do the hard thing first because it takes more time, you are fresh, you can work in daytime, stores are open, and help is not out to dinner.’ In the studio, a team constructs and erects the geodesic dome that they had struggled with just a few seconds earlier.  – 汤姆·萨克斯(TomSachs)的电影《悖论子弹》(2018年)以“先做容易的事”开始,而一段延时视频则关注着工人们在艺术家工作室里以一个维修站工作人员的效率移动。“先做简单的事。作为一个热身,轻松进入困难的事情。’经过一段时间的思考,接近,场景又开始了。“相反的情况同样有效,”维尔纳·赫尔佐格明确的声音继续说道。“首先要做困难的事情,因为这需要更多的时间,你是新鲜的,你可以在白天工作,商店是开放的,帮助不是出去吃饭。”在工作室,一个团队建造和安装了测地穹顶,他们刚刚挣扎了几秒钟。

  • “弗里兹周”播客打开了洛杉矶

    2019.02.15 · “弗里兹周”播客打开了洛杉矶已关闭评论


  • 艺术品经销商玛丽·布恩因税务欺诈被判入狱30个月

    2019.02.14 · 艺术品经销商玛丽·布恩因税务欺诈被判入狱30个月已关闭评论

    The veteran New York gallerist pleaded guilty to two counts of tax evasion last yearMary Boone, 2009. Courtesy: Getty Images; photograph: Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan – 这位资深的纽约苦役犯去年承认了两项逃税指控,玛丽·布恩,2009年。礼节:盖蒂图片社;照片:克林特·斯伯丁/帕特里克·麦克马伦

  • Radical Japanese Architect Junya Ishigami to Create Slate …

    2019.02.14 · Radical Japanese Architect Junya Ishigami to Create Slate Cloud for 2019 Serpentine Pavilion – 日本激进建筑师石井俊雅为2019蛇形展馆打造石板云已关闭评论

    His design will emerge from Kensington Gardens like a low-lying cloud, with its interior intended as ‘a refuge for contemplation’ – 他的设计将从肯辛顿花园中浮出水面,就像低矮的云,其内部设计是“沉思的避难所”。

  • Dr Joy – 乔伊博士

    2019.02.14 · Dr Joy – 乔伊博士已关闭评论

    A radiologist at Kaiser Permanente, V. Joy Simmons, MD has been living in Los Angeles for over 50 years and began collecting art while in medical school. A committed supporter of African-American artists (although she does have an Andy Warhol portrait of Queen Ntombi of Swaziland), she is a passionate advocate of arts patronage and civic engagement. For Frieze Week, Dr. Simmons gives a glimpse of her collection in her Ladera Heights home, and shared her years of insight. – Kaiser Permanente,V.Joy Simmons医学博士的放射科医生已经在洛杉矶生活了50多年,并在医学院开始收集艺术作品。她是非裔美国艺术家的忠实支持者(尽管她确实有斯威士兰的恩托姆比女王的安迪·沃霍尔肖像),但她是艺术赞助和公民参与的热情拥护者。对于Frieze Week,Simmons博士在Ladera Heights的家中展示了她的收藏,并分享了她多年的洞察力。

  • Ariana Grande Hit by Painter’s Lawsuit After Allegedly Pla …

    2019.02.05 · Ariana Grande Hit by Painter’s Lawsuit After Allegedly Plagiarizing His Work in ‘God is a Woman’ Video – 阿丽亚娜·格兰德因涉嫌在“上帝是女人”视频中剽窃其作品而被画家起诉已关闭评论

    Vladimir Kush claims the pop singer’s visuals for ‘God is a Woman’ copies his paintings which depict a woman inside a candle flame – 弗拉基米尔库什声称,这位流行歌手为“上帝是女人”所作的视觉效果复制了他的绘画,描绘了一个女人在蜡烛火焰中的样子。