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  • The Best Shows to See in Dusseldorf – 杜塞尔多夫最好 …

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    kvd18_um_diavolaki_2018.jpg Ulrike Müller, Diavolaki, 2018, monotype, 74 x 57 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Callicoon Fine Arts, New York – KVD18UMU-DIAVOLAKII2012.JPG

  • Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee Dies Aged 95 – 奇迹漫画《斯 …

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    In further news: Berlin cultural institutions rally against far-right; Tate Liverpool to stage first UK show dedicated to Keith Haring – 进一步的消息:柏林文化机构联合起来反对极右派;泰特·利物浦为基思·哈林举行英国首场演出

  • Time Interrupted at Toulouse’s Contemporary Art Biennial & …

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    Springtime in September – the defining concept of the Toulouse contemporary art biennial – seems, right now, like an immensely pleasing prospect. At the blustery conclusion of a summer that has been, depending on your predicament or point of view, either a blissful heatwave haze or an unsettling foretaste of the apocalyptic climate to come, there might be few things more attractive than the impossible dream of turning back time, putting the weather in rewind, hitting refresh on spring. Such, it might seem, is the fanciful aspiration of ‘Le Printemps de Septembre’. Under the directorship of veteran curator Christian Bernard, this richly varied biennial once again invites us to share in an autumn-replacing printemps: an abundant flowering of art across a city and its environs – an offer that has, on the face of it, an upbeat, benevolent civic generosity. Art, we might presume, is like spring: with it comes revival, new life, more light. – 九月的春天——图卢兹当代艺术双年展的定义性概念——看起来,现在,像是一个非常令人愉快的前景。根据你的困境或观点,在即将到来的夏天即将到来的狂风暴雨的结束之时,不管是喜庆的热浪阴霾,还是令人不安的末日气候的预感,没有什么事情比倒退时间的不可能的梦想更有吸引力了。天气倒退,在春天打刷新。这样看来,这可能是“九月”的幻想。在资深馆长克里斯蒂安·伯纳德的指导下,这个丰富多彩的两年一度的展览会再次邀请我们分享一个秋天取代的王子们:一个城市及其周边地区艺术的盛开——表面上,这个提议是一个乐观、仁慈的公民慷慨。我们可以想象,艺术就像春天:伴随着复兴,新的生命,更多的光。

  • With Shanghai’s Busiest Art Month Underway, Highlights of …

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    ‘Proregress’ 12th Shanghai Biennale The Power Station of Art 10 November, 2018 – 10 March, 2019 – 第十二年度上海双年展

  • DAVID OREILLY个展——梦境之眼 (个展)

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    Yve YANG荣幸宣布将在上海带来艺术家大卫·奥瑞利(David OReilly)的首次个展。此次Yve YANG携手《艺术世界》将展览放置于上海零时艺术中心的场馆内。展览于11月6日开幕,至11月25日闭幕。

  • Rebecca Belmore: The Aesthetics of Indigenous Protest R …

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    In the summer of 1990, the Canadian government deployed the largest number of troops since the Korean War. Tanks and guns and jackbooted soldiers arrived not overseas but in the small Quebecois town of Oka to enforce the construction of an additional nine holes on a local golf course. The extension of the leisure class’ grass playground would mean further destruction of The Pines, a traditional burial ground of the nearby Mohawk communities of Kanehsatàke and Kahnawake. In response to this threat, approximately 30 Mohawk men erected a barricade to block entrance into The Pines. After confrontation with local police, this blockade swelled. Canadian media and official record called it the Oka Crisis; for the Mohawks, it was the Oka Uprising. This, too, is how it is remembered by the hundreds of Native peoples throughout North America who followed the blockade on television, or travelled to join in arms, or learned about it years later, as I did from a future elder. As the artist Rebecca Belmore has said: ‘All Native people were affected by that summer.’ Like the shooting down of General George Custer during the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, it is one of our beloved victories. – 1990夏季,加拿大政府自朝鲜战争以来部署了最多的军队。坦克、枪支和轻便马靴的士兵没有到达海外,而是到达了魁北克小镇奥卡,在当地的高尔夫球场上建造了另外九个洞。休閒阶层的草地游乐场的扩展将意味着松树园的进一步破坏,松树园是邻近的莫霍克社区Kanehsatàke和Kahnawake的传统墓地。为了应对这一威胁,大约30名莫霍克人竖起路障阻止松树进入。在与当地警察发生冲突后,封锁加强了。加拿大媒体和官方记录称这是OKA危机;对于莫霍克人来说,这是奥卡起义。这也是北美各地数百个土著民族如何记住的,他们跟随电视上的封锁,或前往参加武装,或多年后了解它,就像我从未来的长辈那里做的那样。正如艺术家丽贝卡·贝尔莫尔(Rebecca Belmore)所说:“所有原住民都受到那个夏天的影响。”就像1876年在小巨角战役中乔治·卡斯特将军被击毙一样,这是我们最爱的胜利之一。

  • Cameron Rowland and the Carceral Laboratory – Camero …

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    On 21 August, prisoners in facilities across the US and Canada launched a strike in response to a riot at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. They issued a list of ten demands, including: the end of prison slavery, life sentences and felon voter disenfranchisement; improved prison conditions; and the re-instatement of Pell Grants for education. Meanwhile, from Greece to California, the world  is literally going up in flames as a result of droughts and rising global temperatures. In California, incarcer ated firefighters are conscripted  to contain these wildfires – one of the many ways that the neoliberal state  relies on the labour of warehoused populations to manage capital’s negative ‘externalities’. The strike began, fittingly, on the 47th anniversary of the killing of George Jackson, the American black activist and author, by prison guards  in San Quentin, San Francisco.  – 8月21日,由于南卡罗来纳州李惩教所发生骚乱,美国和加拿大各地监狱的囚犯发起了罢工。他们提出了一份十项要求,包括:结束监狱奴役、无期徒刑和剥夺重罪选民的权利;改善监狱条件;以及重新发放佩尔教育补助金。同时,从希腊到加利福尼亚,由于干旱和全球气温上升,世界实际上正在熊熊燃烧。在加利福尼亚,被监禁的消防队员被征召去控制这些野火,这是新自由主义国家依靠仓库人口的劳动力来管理首都的负面“外部性”的许多方式之一。这场罢工恰好开始于美国黑人活动家George Jackson和旧金山圣昆廷监狱监护人杀害第四十七周年纪念日。

  • 靳山个展——蒸发 (个展)

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    166 空间荣幸呈现靳山个展《蒸发》,这是靳山在166 ART SPACE的首次个展。“ 蒸发 ” 是炼造物质的初始阶段——炼金术士们通过精馏、提纯的循环往复的淬炼过程,以得到升华,人的精神灵魂也由此死亡、复活、完善。原始炼金术情境式的思辨过程,艺术家的哲学概括化,传递出对原始生死与精神的现实思考。他在一系列支离破碎的物件、人体和情境再造中,将历史与现实当下的意识形态解构化——以此诠释一个人类精神性的去向与归属的星象图谱。艺术家以激进的视觉叙事展现精神之于时间和肉身的纽带关系。

  • Across Australia, Artists are Disrupting the Colonial Mind …

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    In the Australian art world, ‘decolonization’ has become a buzzword in academia, galleries and museums, yet our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists have been calling for decolonization and asserting sovereignty for decades. The process of decolonization requires ongoing work and our peoples have created generational legacies of storytelling about surviving colonization through art, theatre, literature and community activism. Sovereignty is central to the identity and well-being of Indigenous peoples in our fight for justice. The arts are an accessible and engaging way of discussing these complex issues in a country where white colonial and patriarchal narratives dominate public spaces. In recent years, a social-media revolution has been mobilized by Indigenous scholars, artists and activists who descend from a lineage of Aboriginal resistance through letter- and petition-writing. There is also an emerging Aboriginal podcast culture: Wild Black Women, for example – hosted by the academic Dr Chelsea Bond and the comedy writer Angelina Hurley – is a sharply funny and politically astute programme that takes racism, whiteness and the patriarchy to task. – 在澳大利亚艺术界,“非殖民化”已经成为学术界、美术馆和博物馆的一个时髦词,然而几十年来,我们的土著和托雷斯海峡岛民艺术家们一直呼吁非殖民化和维护主权。非殖民化进程需要不断努力,我们各国人民通过艺术、戏剧、文学和社区活动创造了一代又一代的传奇故事,讲述殖民地幸存下来的故事。主权是我们争取正义的原住民的身份和福祉的核心。在一个白人殖民主义和父权主义叙事占据公共空间的国家,艺术是讨论这些复杂问题的一种容易接近和吸引人的方式。近年来,土著学者、艺术家和活动家发动了一场社会媒体革命,他们通过写信和请愿书从土著反抗血统中脱颖而出。还有一个正在兴起的原住民播客文化:例如,由学术界切尔西·邦德博士和喜剧作家安吉丽娜·赫利主持的《野生黑人妇女》就是一个非常有趣和政治精明的节目,它以种族主义、白人和父权制为任务。