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  • Your Guide to the Best Shows at London Gallery-Share Condo …

    2019.01.10 · 发表评论

    This coming weekend marks the opening of the fourth iteration of Condo, an annual gallery-sharing initiative that brings together galleries from around the world – predominantly from across the USA and Germany, as well as others from Egypt, South Africa, Chile and China. Started here in London in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos, owner of Carlos/Ishikawa, it’s a month-long ‘collaborative exhibition’, which has since spawned Condos in New York, Mexico City, Shanghai, and smaller versions last year in Athens and Sao Paulo. Other gallery cooperation models had existed before, like Amsterdam gallerist Jeanine Hofland’s one-day mini fair, A Petite Fair, or the ‘Villa’ project initiated by Raster Gallery in Warsaw in 2006. However, Condo has proved a timely spark at a time of smaller- and mid-size gallery closures and blue-chip consolidation, inspiring other similar style projects such as Okey Dokey in Dusseldorf and Cologne, Friend of a Friend in Warsaw, and Gallery Share Los Angeles. As the idea expands, Condo London has accordingly grown each year, with this year’s edition featuring 52 galleries over 18 spaces across London. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so here’s a quick guide to some of the highlights: – 即将到来的这个周末标志着第四代公寓的开幕,这是一个年度画廊分享计划,汇集了来自世界各地的画廊——主要来自美国和德国,以及来自埃及、南非、智利和中国的其他画廊。由Carlos/Ishikawa的所有者Vanessa Carlos于2016年在伦敦开始,这是一个为期一个月的“合作展览”,自那以后,它在纽约、墨西哥城、上海以及去年在雅典和圣保罗催生了一些小型公寓。其他画廊合作模式以前也存在过,如阿姆斯特丹画廊珍妮霍夫兰的一天迷你展、小型展览会或2006年华沙光栅画廊发起的“别墅”项目。然而,事实证明,在中小型画廊关闭和蓝筹股整合的时代,公寓是一个及时的火花,激励了其他类似风格的项目,如杜塞尔多夫和科隆的奥基·多基,华沙一个朋友的朋友的朋友,以及洛杉矶的画廊共享。随着这个想法的扩展,伦敦公寓每年都有相应的增长,今年的版本在伦敦有52个画廊,超过18个空间。这里有很多要介绍的地方,下面是一些要点的快速指南:

  • Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life: A Report from the …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    ‘The internet is overrated, give us back telepathy!’ exclaims a work from Sorry for Real (2015) by video artist Tabita Rezaire. Five large light boxes stand one after the other at Aspinwall House, main venue of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) 2018. In one, a smartphone is shot in to the scene by a lightning bolt (and a floating message bubble reads, ‘People will f*** u up, then claim to be ur saviour! LOL’). In another, a diamanté-encrusted fingernail hovers over the phone’s answer button, reluctant to pick up a call from the ‘Western World’ (‘No White Tears! Not Today!’). – 互联网被高估了,让我们回心转意!视频艺术家塔比塔·雷扎尔(Ta.Rezaire)的《对不起现实》(2015)中的一幅作品惊叹道。五个大灯箱一个接一个地矗立在高知木兹里斯双年展(KMB)2018年的主会场阿斯宾沃尔大厦。其中一部,智能手机被闪电击中到现场(一个浮动信息泡沫写道,‘人们会跳起来,然后宣称是你的救星!’LOL’)。在另一个例子中,一个镶有钻石的手指甲在电话的应答按钮上盘旋,不愿接听来自“西方世界”的电话(“没有白眼泪!今天不行!”。

  • Highlights from Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018 – 华沙画 …

    2018.10.18 · 发表评论

    In late September, as Warsaw was easing into autumn with its regular protests, marathons and detours, its local and visiting galleries joined forces to open their doors for the eighth edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend. Following a move in which a number of galleries established an enterprise with the aim of structuring the organizational duties and responsibilities, the three-day event brought exhibitions from 29 participating galleries. Here’s a look at some of its highlights. – 9月下旬,随着华沙定期举行抗议、马拉松和绕道进入秋天,当地和来访的画廊联合起来,为第八版《华沙画廊周末》敞开大门。在许多画廊建立了一个旨在组织职责和职责的企业之后,为期三天的活动带来了29个参展画廊的展览。下面是它的一些亮点。

  • 荒木经惟遭#MeToo 抗议,华沙团体称他利用“缪斯”欺凌女性

    2018.08.07 · 发表评论

    Poland’s feminist ‘Bison Ladies’ storm the Japanese artist’s Warsaw exhibition in solidarity with longtime model Kaori’s allegations of bullying – 波兰女权主义者“野牛女士们”风暴日本艺术家华沙展与长期模特Kaori的欺凌指控相辅相成