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  • 何岸——胎记 (个展)

    2019.01.09 · 发表评论

    HdM 画廊非常荣幸地宣布将在伦敦空间举办艺术家何岸个展《胎记》,此次是何岸时隔四年后再次在欧洲举办个展。同时作为与 HdM 画廊的二度深入合作,展览将呈现何岸多种媒介的绘画及装置作品。展览将于 2019 年 1 月 10 开幕,持续至 2019 年 2 月 4日。

  • Can Artists’ Relationships with Nature Kindle Humility and …

    2019.01.04 · 发表评论

    Quaking before the unfathomable majesty of thunderstorms, mountains and the boundless ocean, Immanuel Kant described how the formidable experience of the destructive and terrifying power of the sublime natural world exposes our ‘physical helplessness as beings of nature’. Yet, man emerges triumphant in the final moment of sublime transcendence; nature is ‘small’ and inferior compared with the ‘infinity’ of reason and the human mind. In The Ideology of the Aesthetic (1990), the Marxist critic Terry Eagleton described the sublime as a ‘phallic swelling arising from our confrontation of danger […] in the pleasurable knowledge that we cannot actually be harmed’. In our contemporary world, humankind has pushed global ecologies to the brink of collapse, provoking environmental catastrophes of our own making. This immense natural power no longer inspires poetic gratification; today, the danger is all too real. – 伊曼纽尔·康德在深不可测的雷暴、高山和无边海洋的威严面前颤抖着,他描述了崇高自然世界的毁灭性和可怕力量的可怕经历如何暴露出我们作为自然存在的“身体上的无助”。然而,在崇高超越的最后时刻,人类获得了胜利;与理性和人类心灵的“无限”相比,自然是“小”和“低等”的。在《美学思想》(1990年)中,马克思主义批评家特里·伊格尔顿将这种崇高描述为“我们在愉悦的知识中面对危险时产生的阳具膨胀,我们实际上不能受到伤害”。在当今世界,人类已经把全球生态推向崩溃的边缘,引发了我们自己造成的环境灾难。这种巨大的自然力量不再能激发诗意的满足感;今天,危险是非常真实的。

  • 石旦真彭措 (个展)

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  • What Goes On in the Darkness at Sweden’s Northernmost Bien …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    ‘I am the owner of this mountain,’ says a man at the entrance to a network of underground tunnels in Norrbotten, the northernmost county of Sweden. The tunnels were built during the Cold War to protect the region’s natural riches from Soviet forces – iron ore chief among them. The attack never came, the site was decommissioned and the current owner uses the dank, freezing tunnels to farm mushrooms, mine bitcoin and provide a temporary environment for art. Presently, they house Raqs Media Collective’s installation The Blood of Stars (2017), part of the Luleå Biennial, ‘Tidal Ground’. Wandering the subterranean passages with a flashlight, I find a vitrine containing a meteor that a guide tells me is older than Earth. Like the resources that the tunnels were built to defend, it is also made of iron. – “我是这座山的主人,”瑞典最北部的郡诺尔博滕(Norrbotten)地下隧道网络入口处的一名男子说。这些隧道是在冷战期间修建的,目的是保护该地区的自然财富免受苏联军队的侵袭,其中包括铁矿石。袭击从未发生,现场已经退役,现在的主人使用潮湿,冻结的隧道来种植蘑菇,开采比特币,并为艺术提供一个临时环境。目前,他们收藏了Raqs媒体集体的设施“星之血”(2017),这是Lule双年展“潮汐地”的一部分。我拿着手电筒在地下通道中漫步,发现一个玻璃瓶里装着一颗流星,一位导游告诉我它比地球还古老。就像隧道用来防御的资源一样,它也由铁制成。

  • Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life: A Report from the …

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    ‘The internet is overrated, give us back telepathy!’ exclaims a work from Sorry for Real (2015) by video artist Tabita Rezaire. Five large light boxes stand one after the other at Aspinwall House, main venue of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (KMB) 2018. In one, a smartphone is shot in to the scene by a lightning bolt (and a floating message bubble reads, ‘People will f*** u up, then claim to be ur saviour! LOL’). In another, a diamanté-encrusted fingernail hovers over the phone’s answer button, reluctant to pick up a call from the ‘Western World’ (‘No White Tears! Not Today!’). – 互联网被高估了,让我们回心转意!视频艺术家塔比塔·雷扎尔(Ta.Rezaire)的《对不起现实》(2015)中的一幅作品惊叹道。五个大灯箱一个接一个地矗立在高知木兹里斯双年展(KMB)2018年的主会场阿斯宾沃尔大厦。其中一部,智能手机被闪电击中到现场(一个浮动信息泡沫写道,‘人们会跳起来,然后宣称是你的救星!’LOL’)。在另一个例子中,一个镶有钻石的手指甲在电话的应答按钮上盘旋,不愿接听来自“西方世界”的电话(“没有白眼泪!今天不行!”。

  • Twisted Realities and Speculative Futures: The Year in Lit …

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    Considerations of time and speculative worlds kept coming up this year. Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time (Allen Lane) helped in my latest effort to understand entropy, and the meaning of time past, present and future in any story that we may try to tell. With chapter titles like ‘The Inadequacy of Grammar’ and ‘The Scent of Madeleine’, Rovelli presents the science with welcome literary and stylistic clarity. In Richard Powers’ arboreal novel, The Overstory, shortlisted for this year’s Booker Prize, Neelay Mehta dedicates his life to a project of world-building and ‘raising decaying corpses’. Neelay is a computer programmer whose simulations grow into full-blown Earth simulacra that will allow future humans to experience the prelapsarian natural world – before it was so blithely destroyed by our species. – 对时间和投机世界的考虑今年不断出现。卡洛·罗维利的《时间秩序》(艾伦·莱恩)帮助我最近努力理解熵,以及过去时间、现在时间以及未来时间在我们试图讲述的任何故事中的意义。罗维利以“语法的不足”和“玛德琳的气息”这样的章节标题向人们展示了科学,在文学和文体上都非常清晰。在理查德·鲍尔斯(Richard Powers)的《树栖小说》中,今年布克奖(Booker Prize)的入围者,尼尔·梅塔(Neelay Mehta)把他的一生献给了一个建设世界和“养育腐烂的尸体”的项目。Neelay是一个计算机程序员,他的模拟成长为成熟的地球模拟,这将允许未来人类体验先天自然世界——在它被我们物种如此快乐地摧毁之前。

  • 张慧 2018 (个展)

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  • 何岸个展——玉枝 (个展)

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  • 萨卡琳·克鲁昂 (个展)

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    当代唐人艺术中心荣幸地宣布,将于2018年12月22日在北京第一空间推出泰国艺术家萨卡琳·克鲁昂(Sakarin Krue-On)同名个展。萨卡琳是一位享誉国际的泰国当代艺术家,他的艺术实践不惧挑战不同的创作媒介。泰国传统壁画,民俗、戏剧以及作品现场的历史,地理,社会和文化环境,都是其作品的灵感和材料。萨卡琳将传统文化带入当代语境,以此反思泰国在全球化进程中所经历的巨大变化,及整个人类社会所面临的危机与挑战。