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  • How the Myth of a Sacrificed Princess Bewitched Printmaker …

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    ‘They said it was a secret society, only for men, and that aroused my interest’, explained Cuban artist Belkis Ayón in 1997 of Abakuá, an all-male secret society brought to Cuba in the 19th century by slaves from Nigeria, and which served as boundless inspiration for her art. Ayón, who committed suicide in 1999 at the age of 32, her career on the rise in Cuba and internationally, left behind a striking body of work on the subject. A virtuosic printmaker, her favoured technique was collography, a labor-intensive process that involves collaging materials onto a cardboard matrix, producing a variety of textures. Her multi-part images included up to 18 individual prints composing nearly mural-sized scenes. Around 1990, she limited her palette to a velvety range of blacks, whites and greys.  – “他们说这是一个秘密的社会,只为男人而存在,这引起了我的兴趣,”1997年古巴艺术家贝尔基斯·阿伊·恩(Belkis Ay_n)解释说,阿贝库是19世纪尼日利亚奴隶带到古巴的一个全男性秘密的社会,对她的艺术起到了无限的启发作用。Ay_n在1999年自杀,年仅32岁,她的职业生涯在古巴和国际上都在不断上升,她留下了一个引人注目的研究课题。作为一个技艺精湛的版画制作者,她最喜欢的技术是白板印刷,这是一个劳动密集型的过程,涉及到将材料拼贴到纸板基质上,产生各种各样的纹理。她的多部分图像包括多达18个个人的版画组成几乎壁画大小的场景。大约在1990年,她把自己的调色板限制在一系列天鹅绒般的黑色、白色和灰色。

  • How a Vexed Therapy Session in Yvonne Rainer’s ‘Journeys f …

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    Annette Michelson, the art and film critic who died last year, sits in a boat. She is wearing glasses with large, plastic eyes loaded on springs. She is not at sea, but is in the midst of analysis, and her analyst has suddenly transformed from an adult man into a young, toe-headed boy whose face we never see. The child is confused by her. Michelson, with her blond, square head just visible above the lip of the boat’s edge, eyes him suspiciously as he answers the phone and an incongruous male voice whispers: ‘I never faced the music, much less the dawn; I stayed in bed. I never socked anything to anybody; why rock the boat? I never set out to get my man, even in the mirror; they all got me. I never smiled through my tears; I choked down my terror.’ The boy slams down the phone and transforms into a woman therapist. Michelson’s slinky eyes burst out. – 去年去世的艺术和电影评论家安妮特·迈克尔逊坐在船上。她戴着一副眼镜,一双塑料大眼睛盯着弹簧。她不是在海上,而是在分析过程中,她的分析师突然从一个成年男子变成了一个年轻的,脚趾尖的男孩,他的脸我们从未见过。孩子被她弄糊涂了。米歇尔逊,金发,方头,就在船的边缘上,可以看到,他接电话时怀疑地看着他,一个不协调的男性声音低声说:“我从来没有面对过音乐,更不用说黎明了,我躺在床上。我从不向任何人扔东西,为什么要摇晃船?我从来没有打算去抓我的男人,即使是在镜子里;他们都抓住了我。我从未因泪水而微笑,我抑制住了恐惧。“男孩砰的一声放下电话,转变成了一名女性治疗师。迈克尔逊细长的眼睛突然出现了。

  • US Vice President’s Wife Karen Pence ‘Excited’ to Teach Ar …

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    The US Second Lady has agreed to teach art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ+ students, teachers and parents – 美国第二夫人同意在弗吉尼亚州的一所基督教学校教授艺术,该学校禁止LGBTQ+学生、教师和家长。

  • Mystic Drawings and Designing for Extinction: 2019 Highlig …

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    The thoughts of design critic Alice Rawsthorn, author of Design as an Attitude (2018), curator Helen Nisbet, artistic director of Art Night, and Martin Clark, director of Camden Arts Centre, London. – 设计评论家Alice Rawsthorn,《作为一种态度的设计》(2018年),艺术之夜馆长Helen Nisbet,伦敦卡姆登艺术中心主任Martin Clark。

  • Actress Lucy Liu’s Handmade Books and Movie Monsters: the …

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    State of Motion: A Fear of Monsters National Library Building and 11 Kampong Bugis 23 January – 24 February 2019 – 运动状态:对怪物的恐惧

  • Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018: Possibilities for a Non-Alien …

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    The 4th edition of the Kochi Biennale, “Possibilities for a Non-Alienated Life” presents over 100 projects displayed in heritage properties, public spaces, and galleries across Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, and Ernakulam on India’s southwestern coast. Curator Anita Dube has invited 94 practitioners from over 30 countries, forming a dynamic set of social contexts and artistic approaches to share, to listen, and even to challenge the space in an environment of radical openness. Through the Biennale platform, independent curators and mediators have created “infra-projects” that respond to or align with Dube’s larger thematic framework: “Edible Archives” curated by Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar and Prima Kurien, “Sister Library” by Aqui Thami, “Srinagar Biennale” by Veer Munshi, and a project by Durgabai Vyam + Subhash Vyam. – 《高知双年展》第四版“非异化生活的可能性”展示了印度西南海岸高知堡、马丹克雷和厄纳库拉姆的100多个遗产、公共空间和画廊项目。馆长Anita Dube邀请了来自30多个国家的94名从业者,形成了一个王朝。在一个彻底开放的环境中,MIC提供了一套分享、倾听甚至挑战空间的社会背景和艺术方法。

  • Miltos Manetas on his project for the Athens Biennial, nev …

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    Mara Sartore: This year you participated in the Athens Biennial, without setting foot in your hometown, can you tell us about how you managed this? – 玛拉·萨托雷:今年你参加了雅典双年展,没有踏足你的家乡,你能告诉我们你是如何管理这个项目的吗?

  • Pirelli Hangar Bicocca: Presentation of exhibition program …

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    At Pirelli Hangar Bicocca today the Artistic Director Vicente Todolì presented its exhibition programme for 2019-2020 in the presence of Chairman Marco Tronchetti and the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala. – 今天在比约卡的倍耐力机库,艺术总监维森特·托多尔在主席马可·特隆切蒂和米兰市长朱塞佩·萨拉的见证下介绍了2019-2020年的展览计划。

  • 来自艾可画廊的王欢或中国当代生产时代

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    On the occasion of the art week in Shanghai in November 2018, Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva met with Adrian H. Wang who took over the direction of AIKE last summer. He shares his coming to the art world and what it means to him to be a gallerist. – 2018年11月,在上海举办的艺术周之际,克里斯蒂娜·桑切斯·科兹列娃会见了去年夏天接任艾可画廊的王欢。他和大家分享他来到艺术界的经历,以及成为一名画廊老板对他意味着什么。