“Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 – “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长

20 Dec 2018

“Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019

20 Dec 2018

Patrick Charpenel, Courtney J. Martin and Franklin Sirmans will join Frieze New York 2019

An unprecedented number of museum leaders will collaborate on new themed sections and artist commissions at the 2019 edition of Frieze New York. 

“It is an honor to collaborate with these institutional leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the art and ideas of today. With their contribution, Frieze New York 2019 will offer an experience that is both dynamic and challenging – pushing the boundaries of what an art fair can be.” (Loring Randolph, Artistic Director, Frieze)

Patrick Charpenel (Executive Director of El Museo del Barrio, New York) and El Museo del Barrio will curate a new section focussed on the work of contemporary Latino and Latin American artists to coincide with El Museo del Barrio’s 50th anniversary in 2019. Titled Diálogos, this curated section positions the work of established and emerging artists, and will reflect El Museo’s long-standing mission of presenting and preserving the art and culture of these communities. With the aim of bringing together a selection of galleries from across the United States and Latin America, this specially curated section will place in dialogue Latino and Latin American artists. Invited galleries are asked to present work by artists who have played a significant role in El Museo’s history, and who represent the next generation of artists and cultural leaders.


“Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 - “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长

PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans with Lawrence Weiner, A WALL BUILT TO FACE THE LAND & FACE THE WATER AT THE LEVEL OF THE SEA, 2008. Photo by Angel Valentin. Courtesy Pérez Art Museum Miami

Franklin Sirmans (Director of the Perez Art Museum, Miami) will organize a tribute to an iconic non-profit New York arts organization, Just Above Midtown (JAM), which was an extremely important hub and platform for artists in the 1970s and '80s. This area of the fair will thereby honor the enduring legacy of social activist and significant New York figure, Linda Goode Bryant, founder of JAM. Sirmans and Goode Bryant will reimagine the legendary space with a section of solo artist presentations by invited galleries, and Frieze will contribute 10% of the fees from the galleries in the section to Goode Bryant’s current non-profit initiative, Project Eats: a neighborhood-based urban agricultural partnership and social enterprise that creates sustainable food production and equitable distribution of those resources within and between communities.

The Frieze Artist Award will also return for the second year in New York, curated by Courtney J. Martin (DIA Art Foundation), supporting a major new commission by an emerging artist at the fair. Applications are open until January 10, 2019 and the winning artist will be announced in the Spring.


“Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 - “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长

Courtney J. Martin. Noa Griffel Photography/Courtesy Tory Daily

Finally, as part of a new year-round collaboration between Frieze New York and The Drawing Center (New York),  Laura Hoptman, Executive Director, is the new curatorial advisor of the Spotlight section. Hoptman will oversee the fair’s program dedicated to pioneers of avant-garde art from across the world, with solo presentations of significant work by overlooked figures and rarely seen practices of modern masters.

Charpenal, Hoptman, Martin and Sirmans join returning curators Laura McLean-Ferris (Swiss Institute, New York) and Andrew Bonacina (The Hepworth Wakefield), who oversee Frame, the fair’s celebrated section for galleries aged 12 years or younger; and Tom Eccles and Amy Zion from Bard College, who will once again program Frieze Talks.

Participating galleries and further information about Frieze New York 2019 will be announced in the new year.

Patrick Charpenel
Courtney J. Martin
Franklin Sirmans
Laura Hoptman
Frieze New York

2018年12月20日“推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约油炸2019年12月20日新馆长,帕特里克·夏佩内尔,考特尼·J·马丁和富兰克林·西尔曼斯将加入纽约油炸2019年。数量空前的博物馆领导将在2019年版的《纽约风云》上就新的主题部分和艺术家委员会进行合作。“能与这些在塑造当今艺术和思想方面处于前沿的机构领导者合作我感到非常荣幸。有了他们的贡献,Frieze New.2019将提供一种既充满活力又富有挑战性的体验——推动艺术博览会的界限。(Loring Randolph,艺术总监,Frieze)Patrick Char.l(El Museo del Barrio,纽约的执行董事)和El Museo del Barrio将组织一个以艺术博览会为中心的新部分。当代拉丁美洲和拉丁美洲艺术家为纪念巴里奥博物馆2019年成立50周年而创作的作品。这个名为“迪亚洛戈斯”的策划部分定位了已经建立和正在兴起的艺术家的作品,并将反映埃尔博物院呈现和维护这些社区的艺术和文化的长期使命。为了汇集来自美国和拉丁美洲各地的画廊精选,这个特别策划的部分将放在拉丁美洲和拉丁美洲艺术家的对话中。受邀的画廊被邀请为埃尔博物院历史上发挥了重要作用的艺术家,以及代表下一代艺术家和文化领袖的作品作展示。fs_dsc06175_copy_for_web.jpg “Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 - “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长 PAMM总监Franklin Sirmans与劳伦斯·韦纳,一座面向陆地和面向海水的城墙建筑,2008年。安吉尔·瓦伦丁。礼貌佩雷斯艺术博物馆迈阿密富兰克林·西尔曼斯(迈阿密佩雷斯艺术博物馆馆长)将组织一个向纽约非营利性艺术组织“正好在中城之上”(JAM)致敬的活动,它是1970年代和80年代艺术家们极其重要的中心和平台。社会活动家和重要纽约人物的遗产,琳达古德布莱恩特,JAM的创始人。西尔曼斯和古德·布莱恩特将通过受邀的画廊举办的一部分艺术家个人作品来重新想象这个传奇空间,弗莱兹将把画廊费用的10%捐献给古德·布莱恩特目前的非营利性倡议“吃项目:基于社区的城市农业合作和社会企业”。吃可持续的粮食生产和这些资源在社区内和社区之间的公平分配。FrIEZE艺术家奖也将返回纽约的第二年,由Courtney J. Martin(DAI艺术基金会),支持一个新的艺术家委员会在一个新兴的艺术家委员会。申请截止到2019年1月10日,获奖艺术家将在春天公布。20160202noa_courtney_martin-0332_copy.jpg “Pushing The Boundaries Of What An Art Fair Can Be”: New Curators for Frieze New York 2019 - “推动艺术博览会的界限”:纽约2019年新馆长 Courtney J.Martin。诺亚·格里菲尔摄影/礼仪保守党日报最后,作为纽约Frieze和绘画中心(纽约)全年合作的一部分,执行主任劳拉·霍普特曼是聚光部的新策展顾问。霍普曼将监督展览会的项目,专门为来自世界各地的先锋艺术先驱,由被忽视的人物和很少见的实践现代大师的重要作品单独介绍。夏潘纳、霍普曼、马丁和西尔曼与归来的馆长劳拉·麦克莱恩·费里斯(瑞士研究所,纽约)和安德鲁·博纳辛娜(赫普沃斯威克菲尔德)一起,负责监督画廊——画廊12岁或更小的画廊——的著名部分——以及巴德学院的汤姆·埃克莱斯和艾米·锡安,他们将再次为弗雷兹谈话节目主持。参加的画廊以及有关纽约2019年油炸事件的更多信息将在新年公布。


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