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  • Who’s the Real Ideologue? On Jordan Peterson’s Communist A …

    2018.08.15 · 发表评论

    Why does the ‘men’s rights’ guru to the alt-right surround himself with Soviet-era memorabilia, which he doesn’t even class as art? – 为什么《男性权利》的《奥尔特右派》围绕着苏维埃时代的纪念品,而他甚至不把它当作艺术呢?

  • Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina Banned From Leaving Russia By …

    2018.08.09 · 发表评论

    The artist and activist, who spent two years in jail for performing a ‘punk prayer’, was stopped from travelling to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe – 这位艺术家和活动家因在爱丁堡演出时被囚禁,在监狱里呆了两年。

  • Open Letters to Adrian Piper – 给Adrian Piper的公开信

    2018.08.06 · 发表评论

    On the occasion of her MoMA retrospective, six missives to the artist from her peersAdelita Husni-Bey
    Thomas Chatterton Williams
    Aaron Flint Jamison
    Kameelah Janan Rasheed
    Dread Scott
      – 在她妈妈的回忆录之际,她从彼得萨德丽塔(Husni Bey)的六个艺术家的遗漏。

  • ‘I Get the Feeling You’re Completely Indestructible’: Elai …

    2018.08.05 · 发表评论

    The poet on the ‘strange portability’ of life on the road ‘Don’t say “What”’, the customs agent barks at me through the plexiglass membrane dividing France from the UK. I hadn’t made out his question and now I’m frozen in the face of this unexpected puzzle. What do I say besides ‘what?’ – 诗人在路上的“奇怪的便携性”上说:“不要说“什么”,海关代理人通过把法国和英国分开的有机玻璃对我吠叫。我还没有提出他的问题,现在我面对这个意想不到的难题被冻结了。除了“什么”之外,我还能说什么?’

  • In Toronto’s Don Valley a Public Art Project Exploring Wor …

    2018.08.05 · 发表评论

    Every night they dissembled the shed; every morning they built it anewToronto’s Don Valley is a lush, hybrid ecosystem in the city’s east end. It cradles the Don River and now runs underneath the winding expanse of the Don Valley Parkway, its concrete, parallel artery. There is a path – an abandoned railway – many have followed to the Don from Toronto’s ultra-rich Rosedale neighbourhood: Milkman’s Lane, so named because of the delivery people who once traversed this path back and forth from the Valley, formerly a bustling industrial area with factories and farms. Currently, Milkman’s Lane leads to Evergreen Brick Works, a retrofitted brick factory and surrounding environs where curator Kari Cwynar has been programming innovative, temporary public art for the past year. This route and destination contain significant class, race and ecological tensions: histories of colonial displacement and resource extraction, pollution, neglect, so-called invasive species and squatters, including those with addiction and mental-health issues, whose alternative society has, for years, resisted Toronto’s WASPy frigidity and increasingly impossible expense. – 每天晚上,他们都会把棚屋拆散,每天早上,他们在唐东河流域建造一个郁郁葱葱的混合生态系统。它摇动着顿河,现在在奔河峡谷公园蜿蜒的宽阔的土地下奔跑,它是混凝土的、平行的动脉。有一条路——一条废弃的铁路——许多人从多伦多超富豪罗斯代尔街区走到了唐人街:米尔克曼巷,之所以命名,是因为曾经有人从山谷中来回穿行这条小路,以前是一个繁忙的工业区,有工厂。D农场。目前,Malkman的泳道通向常青砖厂,改建的砖厂和周边环境,馆长Kari Cwynar在过去一年里一直在策划创新的、临时的公共艺术。这条路线和目的地包含了显著的阶级、种族和生态紧张:殖民地迁移和资源开采、污染、忽视、所谓入侵物种和寮屋者的历史,包括那些有成瘾和精神健康问题的人,他们的替代社会已经为Y。耳朵,抵制了多伦多可怕的冷漠和越来越不可能的花费。

  • Coming Together and Falling Apart: National Pavilions at t …

    2018.08.05 · 发表评论

    From the chapels of the first ever Vatican Pavilion to representing Britain in the era of Brexit, the national presentations for the 16th edition – 从梵蒂冈第一座教堂到勃列克特时代的英国代表,第十六版全国代表展

  • All Day in Marseille: A Date With the City-wide Contempora …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    How do you fit 70 exhibitions, 85 partners, 150 artists, and the contents of more than 48 maps and leaflets into 24 hours? – 你如何将70个展览,85个合作伙伴,150个艺术家,以及超过48张地图和传单的内容分为24个小时?

  • Private Event For an Arms Dealer? A Show of Protest Art? T …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    The disconnect between public museum programming and private hire couldn’t be starker – it’s time for the arts to rethink who it accepts money from – 公共博物馆的规划与私人雇佣之间的脱节是不可忽视的——现在是艺术重新审视谁接受金钱的时候了。

  • The US’s Delay in Naming an Artist for the Venice Biennale …

    2018.08.04 · 发表评论

    Trump’s State Department is more than 3 months late in announcing its national pavilion – testament to the chaos engulfing the administration – 特朗普国务院在宣布其国家馆晚了3个多月,这证明了混乱吞噬了政府。