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  • 何岸——胎记 (个展)

    2019.01.09 · 发表评论

    HdM 画廊非常荣幸地宣布将在伦敦空间举办艺术家何岸个展《胎记》,此次是何岸时隔四年后再次在欧洲举办个展。同时作为与 HdM 画廊的二度深入合作,展览将呈现何岸多种媒介的绘画及装置作品。展览将于 2019 年 1 月 10 开幕,持续至 2019 年 2 月 4日。

  • Can Artists’ Relationships with Nature Kindle Humility and …

    2019.01.04 · 发表评论

    Quaking before the unfathomable majesty of thunderstorms, mountains and the boundless ocean, Immanuel Kant described how the formidable experience of the destructive and terrifying power of the sublime natural world exposes our ‘physical helplessness as beings of nature’. Yet, man emerges triumphant in the final moment of sublime transcendence; nature is ‘small’ and inferior compared with the ‘infinity’ of reason and the human mind. In The Ideology of the Aesthetic (1990), the Marxist critic Terry Eagleton described the sublime as a ‘phallic swelling arising from our confrontation of danger […] in the pleasurable knowledge that we cannot actually be harmed’. In our contemporary world, humankind has pushed global ecologies to the brink of collapse, provoking environmental catastrophes of our own making. This immense natural power no longer inspires poetic gratification; today, the danger is all too real. – 伊曼纽尔·康德在深不可测的雷暴、高山和无边海洋的威严面前颤抖着,他描述了崇高自然世界的毁灭性和可怕力量的可怕经历如何暴露出我们作为自然存在的“身体上的无助”。然而,在崇高超越的最后时刻,人类获得了胜利;与理性和人类心灵的“无限”相比,自然是“小”和“低等”的。在《美学思想》(1990年)中,马克思主义批评家特里·伊格尔顿将这种崇高描述为“我们在愉悦的知识中面对危险时产生的阳具膨胀,我们实际上不能受到伤害”。在当今世界,人类已经把全球生态推向崩溃的边缘,引发了我们自己造成的环境灾难。这种巨大的自然力量不再能激发诗意的满足感;今天,危险是非常真实的。

  • 申玲个展——浮游 (个展)

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  • 亚非拉的雨水——陈彧君个展 (个展)

    2018.12.31 · 发表评论

    仁庐(Rén Space)欣然宣布新年首展《亚非拉的雨水——陈彧君个展》即将于2019年1月11日正式开幕。

  • Slanted and Enchanted: Oriane Durand on the Year in Shaman …

    2018.12.27 · 发表评论

    ​In 2018, I found myself drawn to shows dealing with magic and shamanism, and so I look back at the year with a sense of enchantment. Tender entanglements of dystopian visions and individual mytholo-gies are part of a recent artistic trend characterized by hybridity, transformation and a belief in material. – 在2018年,我发现自己被处理魔法和萨满教的节目所吸引,所以我带着一种迷人的感觉回顾这一年。反乌托邦的幻象和个人神话的温柔纠缠是最近艺术趋势的一部分,其特点是杂合、转化和对物质的信仰。

  • ‘A Chance to Bring Global Communities Together‘ – “ …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    From the LUMA Foundation in Arles, France, to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art in Bentonville, USA to M Woods in Beijing: some of the most significant – and exciting – art spaces in the world today are private museums – open for the benefit of the public but supported and, to some extent, directed by private individuals. – 从法国阿尔勒的LUMA基金会,到美国本顿维尔的水晶桥艺术博物馆,到北京的M Woods:当今世界上最重要和最令人兴奋的艺术空间中有一些是私人博物馆——为了公众利益而开放,但在一定程度上是由私人引导的。

  • National Gallery Purchased £3.6M Artemisia Gentileschi to …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    The female Renaissance painter’s ‘Self-Portrait’ has been listed among ‘improperly acquired’ objects during World War II – 这位文艺复兴时期女画家的《自画像》被列为二战期间“不当获取”的物品。

  • Weekend Reading List: Will AI Soon Be the Best Forgers? &# …

    2018.12.25 · 发表评论

    Misidentifying Van Gogh, the missing female rock stars, and misusing interns: what to read this weekend – 误认失踪的女摇滚明星凡高和误用实习生:这个周末读什么

  • ‘I Am Not the Problem’: Warren B. Kanders Responds to Whit …

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    In further news: Paris museums close after Gilets Jaunes protests; Candice Breitz demands release of aid worker – 进一步的消息:Gilets Jaunes抗议后巴黎博物馆关闭;Candice Breitz要求释放援助人员